Let Us Help Cover Your Google Glass!

Let us help you cover your Google Glass
Let us help you cover your Google Glass
Let us help you cover your Google Glass
Let us help you cover your Google Glass

Let us help you cover your Google Glass

TWIGG is taking donations to keep this show ad-free. However, we also want to help those people who need a few extra dollars to get their Google Glass. Therefore, we want to hear YOUR story. If you cannot afford Google Glass, let us know a little about you, why you need help obtaining your Glass and what you would do when you got Glass.

Once we raise enough funds from donations, we will pick 3 stories and have the audience decide. The chosen story will receive funds from the donation pool to purchase their pair of Google Glass.

If you are part of the project glass program, read the rules and requirements and need funds to help your purchase, then fill out the form below!


Rules and Requirements:

  • This program is not run by Google and has no affiliation with Google, Project Glass or any subsidiaries
  • Friends and Families of Geekazine.com and wearabletoday.com are not eligible.
  • You must be pre-approved for #IfIHadGlass. This will not get you on any list. If you are not approved for Project Glass, then your participation will be void.
  • Recipient must be 18+ and a legal citizen of the United States
  • Recipient on this program will receive funds based on amount of donations to wearabletoday.com. Donations first cover cost of show production.
  • The amount given to recipient is to cover the initial cost of Glass only. Airfare, hotel, taxes and other costs are not included
  • Once Recipients are chosen, they will be required to promote their story so people vote for them.
  • Voting will occur for a 2 week period.
  • If no votes are cast for any story, new names will be picked
  • When recipient receives donation, they are required to come on the show (via Hangout) and discuss their experience in obtaining Glass
  • Any program donations recipient receives over $600 will require recipient to fill out a 1099 tax form
  • Recipient is responsible for any state and federal taxes associated with this donation.
  • Just like with Project Glass, recipient cannot sell, take apart or loan out Google Glass. Any violation of these terms and recipient may be asked to return donation amount
  • If Recipient does not pick up Google Glass within the allotted time period, the donation will be returned to TWIGG.
  • Recipient agrees to let TWIGG use their name and photo for future promotions as TWIGG chooses.
  • For more information, contact Jeffrey Powers – @Geekazine

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