Infographic: 10 Wearable Tech Gadgets of 2015

2015 has been showing us that cool new wearable technology items are being developed all the time. Sensors in places you didn’t expect, and data that helps you in everyday life. We put that together in an infographic, with the help from CNBCAlong with some tidbits we added, here are the top 10 wearable tech gadgets of 2015!


  • Wearable Tech will be a $12.6 billion industry by 2018
  • Not all wearables are watches
  • Wearable can be as small as a pin-head.

Don’t forget these devices will bring trillions of bits of data, which we will only process a fraction of that. It’s like eating one slice of pie and throwing the rest away. Eventually, we’ll be able to eat 95% of the pie or more!


Infographic: Top Ten Wearables

Infographic: Top Ten Wearables

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