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Awesome Wearables We Saw at CES 2016

As I do every year, I went to CES to check out the new technologies. Of course, that included weartech as well. I am back and have a few items to show. I show off the Huawei Honor wearable and Sony Walkman I got at the show. Wearable Today Episode #93 Show Notes Under Armour has unveiled its “Connected Fitness” platform, along with the first three devices: The HealthBox, the SpeedForm Gemeni 2 RE shoe, and set of connected headphones. The HealthBox includes a few other devices including a fitness band and scale, and will connect with the rest of...


Top 10 Wearables of 2015

I came back early for the show due to the major snowstorm. Luke shows off some weartech gifts he got to continue on his C3P0 build. We also go over some of the expectations at CES 2016. Wearable Today Episode #92 Show Notes We’ve talked weartech for your wrist, your eyes, your belt, and your butt, but what about… your brain? Wearables are now here that monitor your brain, but can they be really effective? CBC News talked to some experts who say that even if these wearables can monitor 1-200 brain cells, that’s a minscule amount compared to billions...


Star Wearables: The Weartech of Star Wars

Back from London for a new episode! Luke was at the Theater all week acting as Luke Skywalker. Of course, no spoilers on this special Star Wars edition of Wearable Today. Wearable Today Episode #91 Show Notes: The Pebble Time brand of smartwatches are getting a native Health app built by Pebble itself. Previously limited to 3rd party apps, now you can track your steps and sleep with an app that integrates into the Pebble timeline. This will make the health stats much more visible, and Pebble Health will automatically sets goals and give you tips for a more active...