18 Karat Gold Wearables – Apple Watch Brings the Bling

Both Luke and I are back from a much needed vacation. Luke visits Florida and the Big Cat Rescue from episode 34. He got to learn first hand about how they are handling the wildlife and take a few videos through Glass himself.

I headed off to New York via Amtrak. I used the GoPro HERO4 to capture a lot of my video, including Halloween on Times Square.

Episode #56 Show Notes

  • Kizon in the UK – LG Kids tracker wearable Kizon is heading to Europe. This GPS device also can one-button call your cell for communication with your child.
  • Imagination Power VR 7 – Newer improved graphics for wearable devices by next year with the Power VR series 7 chip
  • $19 Billion by 2018? Juniper and ABI research are predicting wearable technology could become a $19 billion a year industry in four years
  • OnBeep Wearable – A wearable walkie-talkie. One step closer to the wearable communicator, OnBeep Onyx could be your instant communication device.
  • Sony Smartwatch 3 – Google Play’s Sony SmartWatch 3 launched. The first Android Wear device with built-in GPS and music storage
  • No Wearables in Movies – MPAA and NATO banned all “wearable recording devices”. That includes your Google Glass.

Featured Content

  • A $5,000 Apple Watch? – iGen says Apple is working on a higher end version of the watch with 18 Karat gold. This, along with Will-i-am and PULS, brings wearables into a new higher-end market. We explore the bling a wearable device can have.
  • Intel’s 3 winners – Intel shows off three technologies that could really shake up the wearable world.

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