2014 Review, 2015 Predictions of Wearable Technology

This week we take a look at what happened in 2014 and what we’re expecting in 2015. For us its been a fun ride, with guests and even a full name change and direction in the show.

Of course, the biggest wearables in 2015 will be Apple Watch and what becomes of Google Glass. Luke and I have our thoughts as to where they are going to go.

Episode #61 Show Notes

  • All Episode 61 show notes are here
  • Are you working so hard you fall asleep before your favorite prime time shows start? Well your wristband could notice if you fall asleep! KipstR is a band developed by two teenagers that monitor your vitals to find out if you are asleep. It will then do things like DVR your favorite show so you don’t miss it. This band might also be used to see how you react to a show in the future. Maybe a Neilson ratings band?
  • Sony is working on a clip-on wearable to your glasses. It can work with regular glasses, sunglasses and more. You can even take the device off when you walk into a movie theater. Sony will unveil this tech at CES
  • Is there a vulnerability for watches? Yes! Its the PIN! Bitdefender explains how a 6 digit pin code can be cracked and an attacker can get your data. Makes you wonder if Secure-Bluetooth is needed at this stage in the game.
  • We haven’t talked much about this, but Google came out with Cardboard at I/O. Although many thought it was a joke, it grew into a real interesting way to see in 3D. Cardboard is a device that you put your phone in, run an app and watch the videos or pictures in 3D. With Lollipop now distributing on phones, this device will now turn your phone into a Oculus Rift of sorts.

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