3D Printed Accessories for Your Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

3D Printed Charging Dock for Moto 360

3D Printed Charging Dock for Moto 360

Back from another small break as Luke went to play Star Wars with the Dallas Mavericks. No Mark Cuban sightings, though. We have a jam packed show with a lot of news along with some great 3D printed items Marco Nieves sent to us.

Wearable Today Episode #64 Show Notes

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  • If you’re expecting to see the newest version of Google Glass pretty soon, don’t hold your breath. The New York Times talked with people with inside knowledge, and they say that Tony Fadell will not be showing anything until it’s really ready. Fadell is most well known for designing the Nest thermostat, which was acquired by Google in January of 2014. To read the summary, head over to Phandroid.com, or click through to the New York Times article for an interesting look at the drama behind Google Glass.
  • If people are concerned about recording you nowadays, just wait until the wearable becomes invisible to see. Gartner is expecting by 2017 that 30% of wearables might not be seen. Sensor laiden contacts, body patches that work like band-aids and even some devices you might have implanted or taken orally.
  • LG is taking on the smart watch (or smartch) fashion industry. The LG Watch Urbane is an Android Wear powered watch that has the styling of a high end fashion accessory. It has a completely round face, leather band, and will come in Gold or Silver. If you’re watching the video, you can see it here, or visit phandroid.com to see more. No pricing or release date has been announced yet, but LG Watch Urbane will definitely be one to keep an eye on.
  • Wearables beyond the body. That is what might happen for musicians. With items like Lightwave, Will-i-am’s Puls, and even for the concert-goer in a high tech wristband that could also pay for your concert T-shirt. I might just see some of those at SXSW this year.
  • SXSW is growing their wearable presence. Last year I saw the Atlas wearable amongst other wearable tech items. This year, they have a whole track called “SXstyle” during the Interactive portion of SXSW. All events will be held at the JW Marriott Hotel on 110 E. 2nd street in Austin. I will be sure to attend some of it!
  • Tim Cook spoke at the Goldman Sachs Conference about Apple Watch. A lot of speculation on how the Apple Watch might be different. Cook’s answer was that although they were not first in the market, they made a more profound impact. Cook uses the beta model at the gym, interacting with Siri and the “Tapping” feature when the watch indicates he has been sitting too long. Each person will use this watch in their own way. Its a question of how the general public will find this device useful.
  • You might notice my headphones are all a glow. That is because our friends at Nomabrands have sent me a pair called “Strobe” to try out. These headphones will pulse when sound passes through. A small battery in the middle charges the cord. They are running an Indiegogo campaign where you can get your own pair. $39.

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