3rd Party Prescription Lenses for Google Glass?

GG23This week I show all the photos from Techonomy 13 in Tucson, AZ. It was a fun time and I got to hang with some top industry professionals. I also pose the question of a #ThroughGlassSelfie. If I hand a pair to someone else and show them how to take a picture (which happens to be a photo of me 95% of the time), is that a selfie?

Luke changed his background scene and we talked about him getting out of prison (hahaha).

This Week in Google Glass Ep 23

  • Get your own – Google opens up a waitlist for Glass
  • XE11 – We look at all the features, plus I wonder if the camera has improved stabilization
  • Ford Drive – I take a 2014 Ford Mustang for a test drive and record everything with Glass
  • Surgeon Test-Drive – A surgeon uses Glass in the operating room
  • Prescription Glass – There might be a new market for optometrists as you may not need to go through Google to get your prescription lenses.
  • Glassenation – A new app that puts presentations and notes right on Glass
  • Cashing on Glass – Fancy is a product-recognition app so you can find out where to buy those shoes.

Tomorrow Google will be showing off the GDK to a select few. We will be finding out if that includes Glass and when it will be available.

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