4th Pair Google Glass Being Returned

Luke at Neon Splash

Luke at Neon Splash

I was on the phone with Google Glass support just before the episode. My pair of Google Glass died. This time, it was the camera that stopped working. My attempt to keep moisture out with packing tape on the button worked OK – It still has something to do with humidity.

Luke went to Neon Splash Dash and got neon water splashed on his Glass. Somehow its still working…

Luke is also speaking at the Big Android BBQ this weekend. I will be speaking at the end of the month in southern WI.

This week in Google Glass Ep.17

  • XE10 Released – Although it has a couple good updates, it’s not the developer update we were led to believe
  • Mirror API – You now can submit your mirror updates.
  • New Apps on Glass – Mashable Velocity, Sports Yapper and Thuuz
  • Samsung Gear Glass – Rumors of Samsung working on a Glass alternative
  • Glass in Durham – People showed up to see what Glass was all about. No other cities scheduled for the tour yet…
  • Project 2×1 – Brooklyn filmmakers are using Glass as a 1st person POV how different cultures live

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