Android Wear on iOS: Great Combination or Problematic Marriage?

Back from the two week hiatus with another show. As you can see, we are retooling the show so it looks and sounds much better. Jeff talks about his health scare after San Francisco, and Luke shows off some YouTube videos he’s been working on.

Wearable Today Episode #83 Show Notes

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  • Everyone is excited about the newest Wearable Tech, but what happens when you want to get rid of it. Triple Pundit points out less precious metals are being used, making our current tech more sustainable. The end result is usually something that is so finely engineered that you can’t just pull it apart to recycle the components. They also ask a question we’ve asked several times, what materials should we be using to make sure that our wearable tech doesn’t cause us more health problems than they solve?
  • Only one watch for iPhone? Not really. has put together a list of 13 alternatives to the Apple Watch. From Android Wear to Meta Watch, and even a Microsoft Band, there are a lot of choices, many of which retail for less than the Apple Watch.
  • HTC has been listed as an Android Wear partner since the platform launched last year, and have said they were going to, but yet never released a device. Rumors are that they are developing a round smart watch, and with a big event coming up on September 29th, we might see the reveal there.
  • Could VR wearables replace post cards? Marriott is experimenting with a system that gives the user the ability to visit nearby attractions virtually through a custom Gear VR headset, that comes preloaded with local sights. The intention is to allow visitors to see what is nearby, and give them some ideas of places to visit, or at least give them some exposure to the local sights and sounds. Right now, the only locations you can virtually visit are in China, Chile, and Rwanda. If popular, this could become a common occurence at Marriot locations worldwide.
  • We’re seeing wearables being updated all the time, but usually that happens with a hardware change. Jawbone is bucking that trend by releasing some software updates for their popular Up devices, and these aren’t just minor bug fixes. The Up3, and Up4 will now start tracking passive heart rate throughout the day, and all devices starting with the Up2 will now automatically track your sleep. Of course, you can ask Jawbone for a new piece of hardware so you can get the latest software update, but it’s neat that Jawbone is saying to up yours, instead.
  • Tribble is a new portable, wearable device that records video 24/7, controls your music, answers phone calls, and sticks on the wall or anywhere else you want! This amazing device charges via a wireless charging station, and has GPS in it so you can even it for a tracker for your luggage. Right now you can back the project and get a 16GB version for $129, a 64GB version for $149, and a 128GB version for $169.
  • WatchOS 2 will be launching on September 16, that’s this Wednesday! This will allow native apps to run on the watch, better complications (those little dashboard components you see on the watch faces), and a lot more watch faces.
  • The new Andorid Wear support for iOS devices is out. While you can’t do everything with an Android Wear device, you can get the basic messaging and calling information. Luke and Jeff go over what can and can’t be done, the circular vs. square watch advantages, Play store vs. Apple Store and more.

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