Android Wear Takes Aim at Apple Watch with Update

Luke with Stormtrooper

Luke with Stormtrooper

Welcome to Season 3 of Wearable today! We are entering the third season of the show and both Luke and I are so pumped! We are both back on our respective trips, although I have to say that Luke’s trip was a little cooler than mine. Whereas I got to see the latest in broadcast gear (NAB 2015), Luke got to hang with the rebel alliance getting ready for Star Wars Ep. 7. We go through a few of the photos he took while in Anaheim.

New Game – #GuessTheSteps

We’re going to try a new game on Wearable Today called “Guess the Steps”. Our devices now have pedometers built-in. Each week you can guess how many steps Luke and I log in our apps.

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Wearable Today Ep 70 Show Notes

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  • Android Wear… on iPhone? It could happen! At least that’s what it looks like. According to The Verge, Google, like Pebble, is working to integrate their wearables with the iPhone using the APIs that Apple allows. Beyond that, the companion app that runs on your iPhone would interact with other Google services like Gmail, Google Now, and Calendar.
  • Mini Augmented Vision is a pair of glasses that offers info of your ride. The car determines your location and direction, so if you pass a Landmark, it will indicate that. It can also alert you to a speed limit change, turns, message notifications and more. No price points have been set yet.
  • Even the fingernail is getting into the wearable game. CNet reports on NailO – a company that created a touchpad you stick to your nail. Simply stick to your thumb and swipe or tap with your forefinger for the desired command. You could even draw on your smartphone or tablet without touching it.
  • What if you were to talk on a device and it starts to charge your phone? That is what a chinese team is working on. “Ultrathin, Rollable paper-based Triboelectric nonogenerator” is what they are calling it. The idea is when you talk into this screen, the device moves, creating a charge that is sent to your phone. No different to the kinetic charging devices that turn movement into battery charge.
  • The folks at Recon Jet have come to market. Deemed the “Glass for sport enthusiasts”, this smart device allows you to track your workouts, connect to your phone to get maps and real-time information. It’s also more reasonably priced at $699.00
  • Well, Apple announced their April 24th release date is going to be set back a bit. How much? Maybe June? With our reporting a couple weeks ago of the Watch order getting cut in half and the 1 million pre-orders of the device, you might not be able to get a Watch at this point until the end of Summer.
  • Musicians are getting a wearable! Soundbrenner Pulse is a metronome for your body. With a vibrating device more powerful than a phone, musicians will be able to keep time through the pulses in their wearable. The device can be placed anywhere on the body and syncs with other Pulse devices in the band. You can even use it daily to improve your time-keeping skills.
  • With Apple Watch now in the final days of release, Android kicks up the level with their Android Wear. This new update allows for more functionality including Wi-Fi, Emoji, gesture control, drawing and more. All signs pointing that Android Wear wants to be available on iPhone as well.

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