Your Apple Watch May Be Delayed – Wearables at SXSW

Eric Migicovsky posing with Pebble Time Steel

Eric Migicovsky posing with Pebble Time Steel

In shows past, Luke had some one-off problems with his webcam. Tonight, it would just not stay on. Therefore, Luke reports from behind the curtain. Lots of great news after a 3 week hiatus from travel.

Wearble Today Ep #67 Show Notes

  • Show notes and links here
  • TAG Hoyer, Google, and Intel have teamed up to launch a Swiss smartwatch powered by Intel hardware and Android Wear software. The well-known watchmaker will help bring an Android Wear to the luxury watch market. David Singleton notices that together, they “can imagine better, beautiful, smarter watch.” No dates or pricing were given on the watch line that is being created.
  • Guest writer Tim Smith put an article on Geekazine about the wearable tech trends of 2015. This includes an air purifier that could be worn on the wrist, a device that maps out your feet and even a tricorder glove that tells you how drunk you really are.
  • Games are invading Android Wear, including Space Invaders. The games have simple mechanics, usually just a single tap or swipe. They’re not meant for long interactions, but they can be a fun way to spend a few minutes. I personally have also played Guns n’ Glory Heroes, which has the interesting interaction of using the steps you take during the day to give you more lives to keep playing longer.
  • Eric Schmidt says that Google Glass is not dead, they are simply planning the release of the device. According to theVerge, Glass will still be called Glass and a cheaper version will be launched later in the year. This goes against so many different articles in the last six months. While we know Glass technically is not dead, the actual branding of Google Glass is still alive.
  • The iRing is a new concept from Victor Soto where you could use a small wearable ring to control your iPod.
  • Check out the HiSmart Bag – a wearable backpack/messenger bag that can find your phone, take pictures and selfies, pin locations, voice record and more.

Apple Watch-Watch

You may not be getting your Apple Watch right away as Apple is having some issues with building the device. According to Business Insider, sources are stating the AMOLED display panels are having an issue. While we don’t know the exact problem, it looks like only a portion of the order is going to get filled for the first run watch. only 1.25 to 1.5 million units will be ready for release – that is half of the actual order. But if there is a problem with the display already, will the first adopters of the watch have problems?Fund Me

Fund Me

Is Quell the first pain relief wearable? It’s a leg strapped device that is controlled by your phone. If you suffer from chronic pain, you can adjust the strap to stimulate nerves through pulses that sends signals to your brain and block pain. The device is FDA approved and has met its goal – although there are still 10 days left in it.

The Wearables of SXSW

I went to NYC and spent some time with Marco and the 3D printing world. I then went to SXSW Interactive to learn more about my craft, network with friends and, of course, check out the wearable technology. I learned about a ring that was used for gaming. I learned about tDCS (Transcranial Brain Stimulation) and the maker group that creates these devices you put on your head to help with depression, focus and other conditions.

While checking out bands I ran into a Microsoft employee who was wearing the Microsoft Band. Similar to most other bands, this device uses the metro look to swipe through the apps.

I was at the Pebble watch event and got to see the new Pebble Time Steel. I even got some great pajama pants from that event. I also got to check out wearables from Misfit and Withings.

USB chargers need Qi Wireless Charging for Wearables

Finally, the swag of events seems to shift to USB phone chargers, as I got more of those over USB drives. However, some wearables don’t have a USB connector- they do use the Qi wireless charging standard. My phone also supports wireless charging, therefore, I expect future swag to be just that – a Qi charger for phone or wearable, with a USB connector option.

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