Apple Watch Extravaganza! April 10th Looms!



You have to watch this show. Why? Because its about Apple Watch and its also the last show of the season! That’s right, season 2 of TWIGG/WT is done. We might have a 2 week off-period as both Luke and I go on travel – Luke to San Diego and the , as I head to Vegas and NAB/New Media Expo. We should both come back with some great stories!

Luke also got a new webcam, so his video is back to normal. YAY!

Wearable Today Episode 69 Show Notes

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  • There is a new “Wearable on a chip” which allows for better battery life and more features. The new Bluetooth Smart DA14680 chip from Dialog has an ARM Cortex-M0 application processor, built-in temperature sensor and encryption hardware, which are common features desired in wearable devices. These chips should start shipping in Q2 of 2015.
  • Rolex has announced they will be bringing out a Titanium version of their Submariner watch. Called the “Sub-Oyster-Tron”, this watch will be able to control your car, show navigation routes, and find a Rolex dealer near you. It looks to be iOS controlled, with limited additional information available.
    Folks at Purdue University are working on a flexible liquid metal that could be put into an inkjet printer where flexible circuitboards could be produced. The conductors currently bend and stretch, meaning newer wearble tech could conform to the body.
  • Flir Enters into the portable video camera business with the Flir FX camera. Mostly set as a surveilence camera, it is not impossible to convert to a body-camera. With iOS and Android, you can control the device and even send information to the cloud. Their RapidRecap service also gives you one shot overlay of what happened during the day.
  • Speaking of wearable cameras, GoPro HERO 5 rumored to be coming in October with at least 4K, and possible even 8K resolution, 60 mm underwater capacity and more. Other rumors include 240 fps in 1080p and 60 fps in 4k. The battery will also get an upgrade to handle the better quality video. It is expected to release in the 4th quarter of this year, and should cost between 400 and 500 dollars.
  • Fund Me
    It’s another watch charging dock – YAY! The WatchDock Steel is going to try and capitalize on the Apple Watch wireless charging.
  • Check out Prana: the Wearable that helps your breathing and posture. This device tracks breathing, notifies you when you are slouching and more – from how you are breathing.
  • Apple Watch Watch
  • April 10th is the reservation day.
  • Apple is taking the fun out of their launches by making purchases “Appointment Only”. No more standing in line for days. But is this to make sure riots don’t ensue when they don’t have enough watches?
  • Planning to buy that ten thousand dollar Apple Watch? Well you might want to add another thousand for Apple Care if you want it. This will give you three years of Apple Care+. If you are getting the $300 version, AppleCare+ will only cost you $59.
  • If you are planning to submit an app for Apple Watch, you’ll want to cross your i’s and dot your t’s. If you do not follow Apple’s submission guidelines, you will be rejected.
  • The Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines can give you a lot of tips on what kinds of interactions you’ll see, and some limitations that you won’t see.
    The Cult of Mac talked to some devs and got a great list of things that you can’t do… yet. Apple has a lot of functionality in the watch, but they’ve reserved some of that functionality for their own apps. Eventually they will probably be part of WatchKit, but not for the first release.

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