Broken Glass: Problems with Google Glass

This week I talk about my experience with Google’s customer service when Glass breaks. The touchpad of my Glass stopped working and a process they said was suppose to take a few days is now a week old. In all reality, the customer service is so bad I have to rely on Luke to convince me if I should just get a refund for my Glass. Luke is a good persuader.

The show is now in audio format, I have created the back mp3s if you want to load them up on your favorite player.

This week’s topics:

  • Foil Alert: Some have been noticing the foil on the lens begins to bubble when in contact with humidity or water.
  • Google Invests: Google puts 6.9% stake in HiMax – the company that makes part of the lens
  • Wifi Hijack: QR codes can be used to gain access. Don’t scan errant QR codes!
  • Millennium Falcon Glass Case: OK, it’s a LEGO case, but its also the Millennium Falcon!
  • Alternatives to Glass: Several companies are coming out to compete with Glass. One with an IndieGoGo campaign
  • Glass Second Display: Install the ADB to turn Glass into a secondary display. Perfect for Teleprompters?

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