Cross-Platforming Wearables: Can You Connect an Apple Watch with Android Phone?

Tago Arc

Tago Arc

Both Luke and I got our Google Glass Vol 001 picture book. During the show I show you whats inside and will there be an 002? Thanks to Eric Forty for jumping on the Question and Answer section to contribute to the show.

Wearable Today Episode #65 Show Notes

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  • Have you ever wanted a bracelet that you can change the pattern on? The tago arc wants to provide that to you. Currently an indiegogo campaign, the e-Ink display wraps around your wrist, and can be updated via NFC. Since it uses e-ink, the bracelet will not require a power source once it has been changed. Stylish or fun, stripes or polka dots, the tago arc could be just what you’re looking for. The current price is $259.
  • The pay wars are getting hotter as last week Samsung bought LoopPay, a mobile payment company for any phone that can produce a magnetic field and technically spoofing the stripe card. The new Galaxy S6 is expected to have LoopPay tied in.
  • Is the next version of Glass already being shown? 9to5 Google reports that some have been seeing different prototypes of Glass-Reboot behind closed doors. We can’t be sure if this was just a modified version of Glass, or an entirely new form factor. And, this seems to have been before Google stopped production of the current model and Faddel’s statement where no one will see it until its ready. Regardless, this would support Google’s statement that Glass has not died, and will continue in some form in the coming months and years.
  • Android is getting more steam as they hit a record number of sales to their wearables. Moto360, along with other Android Wear devices reported over 720,000 units were shipped. According to independent analyst company Canalys and others, that number is not great. After all, it won’t help any user that has an iPhone. With 114 million of those out, Apple Watch could see another 30-80 million watches needed.
  • What is the Wearable Banana? You’ll have to watch to find out.
  • Apple Watch Watch: According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is preparing for 5 million Apple Watches to be available for the launch in April.
  • Fund Me: Take Your Cloud with you – Over on Indiegogo you can fund Pinto – a wearable flash drive with no USB connection. Simply send your pictures, documents and more to the docked Pinto device and let it upload. The device even charges wirelessly.
  • Focus Although Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh did it, doesn’t mean its going to stay that way. He took an Android wear device and attached it to an iPhone without Jailbreak. However, future connection may require a jailbreak of one or both devices. Each new revision re-breaking the connection.  We do have wearables that can cross-platform, but most people will want an Apple Watch when it comes out. There has to be a common gound to this.

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