Employees Get RFID Chips Implanted

We’ve had a couple rough weeks here at Wearable Today. I explain what happened and why episode 81 took so long to get out. I also bring some great news as we are now working with Maker Max for content distribution over our RSS feeds and YouTube. After lots of thought, I believe this is the best avenue for Wearable Today at this time.

Wearable Today Episode 82 Show Notes

  • All show notes can be found here
  • We’ve talked a lot about wearables that track your heart rate, step count, and other forms of activity, but what about your breathing habits? Researchers at North Carolina State University are developing systems that could potentially monitor someone’s breathing throughout the day, and then be analyzed later by doctors to diagnose lung conditions well before they would otherwise.
  • There are a lot of heart rate monitors and breathing monitors out there, but how about one built into a shirt? Ralph Lauren has one shipping next week for the low low price of only $295. The PoloTech shirt has wires woven into the fabric that send signals to a little black box that pairs with your iPhone to show you live bio-metrics and provide adaptive workouts. No word on when an Android version of the app will be available.
  • USB Battery chargers are becoming ever more common, but it’s still easy to leave the house and forget to grab it. Not anymore, with a new battery charger that comes in the form of a belt! That’s right, for only $70, you can have a convenient charger for anything in your pockets, and you can easily recharge it while sitting at your desk at work. Just look for the Powered Belt Buckle by PowereDGadgets.
  • Everyone dreams of better battery life for their wearables, but some people are trying to make eternal battery life happen through the use of body-powered wearables. Warable.com looks at several different approaches that are being used to find this Holy Grail of wearables, and while none of the solutions are practical just yet, we may see something along this line show up in retailers in the next few years.
  • check out Marco’s newest article about Apple watch and home connection.
  • Swatch CEO Nick Hayek Jr called Apple Watch an “Intersting Toy”. That is an interesting toy that sold over 2.5 million by June. Hayak stated the watch is useless after 24 hours unless plugged in. Further, he didn’t want his heart rate in the cloud. That may be well and good, but Apple could develop ways around the 24 hour suck. Could an Apple watch go into a full powersave mode where it just tells you the time and takes as much juice as a regular CR 2025 or Energizer 357 watch battery? Could a solar cell be added to Watch 2 to help keep the device going? Swatch itself moved away from smartwatches in the 2000’s. That can be compared to Apple moving away from PDA’s after Newton because it just wasn’t time. Keep in mind – Apple came back and stole the PDA market with the iPhone.
  • Wearable Today has put together a panel for SXSW 2016. A live recording of Wearable Today with Marco Nieves showing off 3D printed wearables and Shel Isreal talking about IoT and wearables in-depth. Please help us get the panel by voting here 
  • Would you get a NFC chip embedded in your skin for your job? That is what employees at Epicenter co-working space in stockholm are doing. 50 of the 250 employees have opted into the program already. The chip is implanted in the arm and can replace any key, card, or other device. Therefore, unless you leave your hand at home, you can get into the building. But keep in mind, what you take in is also what needs to be taken out.

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