Galaxy Glass – Should Google Glass Lose the Camera?

28-lukeLuke got his v.2 pair of Google Glass (and changed the color to cotton). We spend a little time looking for differences. He still hasn’t gotten the wink option to work yet. I answer viewer mail and clarify the Bluetooth statement I made last week.

Episode 28 Show Notes

  • Followup – No Glasses in Theaters – We re-visit the Ohio man who wore Glass in a movie theater. Still not buying it…
  • Samsung Glass? Rumors of Samsung working on their own Glasses surface. Some say Google is working with them. Others say they are building their own from scratch.
  • Simpons Take on Glass – Very interesting episode of the Simpsons as Homer gets a pair of “Oogle Goggles”
  • Symphony 1st person View – Four members of the Kansas City Symphony will be wearing glass while playing Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.
  • Shop X for Glass – New shopping list app coming next month
  • Glass Mini Games – Play Tennis, shape splitter, balance, clay shooter, and more.
  • Glass Without a Camera? Mike Elgan poses the question – Would you still buy Glass if it didn’t have a camera. Further, does the camera overshadow the real uses of Google Glass?

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