Games on Google Glass

This Week in Google Glass

This Week in Google Glass

Last week I had some media coverage of my Google Glass. First it was the local CBS affiliate on, then a newspaper article in the Wisconsin State Journal. Right after, my pair of Glass died. Second pair back to Google!

Luke went to a fashion show at the Galleria in Dallas, TX. He got some shots of people skating at the mall, then the fashion show setup.

This week on TWIGG:

  • Quadriplegic Uses Glass – How one person with limited mobility can use the gestures and voice to do what we take for granted
  • Games Coming to Glass – Luke and I discuss the types of games Glass could have. Don’t expect “Gears of War”.
  • Is GoPro Worried? – Friend Abraham Williams took a video of a whitewater rafting trip with Glass instead of a GoPro.

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