Next Generation of Sex is Wearable Technology?

First of all, both Luke and I did not wear our Google Glass tonight. Before the rumor mill breaks, it simply was because our devices were not charged. So it was a wearable free zone last night.

Episode #63: Show Notes:

  • Episode 63 Show Notes here
  • Wearable tech can be a real help to learn about how your body works. But you really don’t need it. We’ve survived without it for hundreds of years. Forbes asks the question if you really need to lay down hundreds for these devices.
  • Lots of great wearable technology was used to keep players safe and learn a little more about the impact of sports on the human body. One of those items I got to see from Rebok first hand last year at CES. Of course, with GoPro cameras, body sensors in your clothes and on your bodies, we not only got to see a great football game but also got tons of data we can use.
  • Is Oculus Rift a Doomed Wearable? TechnoBuffalo seems to think so. They say the device is too bulky, too limited, and far too ugly. They say that the device needs to be at least one step better than current technology in two different ways, and to them the Oculus just doesn’t do that. They think that technologies like the HoloLens and an whole-room projector like the Immersis will be what really catches on.
  • Pebble Moves Forward despite the Apple Watch. With a million watches out there, Pebble is working on software updates for current and newer watches.
  • This is a shoutout to Robert and Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble. Two days ago, Robert made a decision to go socially dark while he gets his life back in order. He has joined AA while cancelling many of his gigs during this time. I have talked with him since to give any help if needed.
  • Apple Watch – Gold Apple Watches will be available in-store. But the bigger technology out of it might be the safes they are installing in each store to prevent theft of any of the watches. The safes are rumored to be fitted with chargers so they stay fully charged while locked in.
  • Fund Me – Laser headphones? Why Yes! Glow is a set of headphones any raver would want because they glow when plugged in. They also pulse to the beat of your music. These are not going to be cheap, though. $150 will get you the headphones.
  • The Focus:
  • Controlling your brain with sensors – We talk about how you have the ability to take full control of your brain and know what its doing at any time. While it doesn’t replace a doctor, it does put the data in your hands.
  • Is Wearable Tech the Future of Sex? While I was at CES, I saw a couple wearable tech items that could keep you and your partner close together – even while thousands of miles away. We talk about how sensors and technology could create a new way to be together or even have an experience without having another partner in the room.

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