Glass for the Deaf? GDK Released!

shovellingAfter a couple weeks of doing Hangouts and liking the results, I decided to try it between Luke and myself. It didn’t go to well as Luke’s speaker acted like an echo to my voice. We also had a break in the Hangout, but once I reloaded the hangout came back to life. A little bit of editing and we’re back!

This Week in Google Glass Ep 24

  • GDK is Out – Google released the Google Developer Kit (GDK). Luke goes over what it can do
  • Glass Remotte – a Kickstarter for a remote control for your Google Glass
  • Glass on eBay – Even though Google says you can’t do it, there are some pair of Google Glass on eBay and Craigslist – Some Glass Explorer invites, too
  • Glass for the Deaf – The CSD is experimenting with Glass to make a better experience for the deaf

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  • Jeremy Reger

    Still waiting on my update.. :/ #glassProblems 🙂