Glass Explorers of SXSW

Glass Explorers of SXSW

Glass Explorers of SXSW

This weeks show is a little different format. I was at SXSW (South by South-West) last week. On Saturday I partook in a discussion of Google Glass, and on Monday, those with Glass met at the Hotel San Jose – just a few blocks south of downtown Austin.

About 40-50 Glass users were there to talk about their experiences. Google community manager Becca was on-hand with other Glass explorers to answer questions and exchange stories.

Many different colored Glass was seen throughout the lobby – some with G-Pop bling on them, others with custom frames. All these explorers were fun to talk to.

The group gathered around for a picture. With a “OK Glass, Take Picture”, the photos started snapping.

I was able to pull a few aside to talk about their Google Glass, and answer a couple questions. I asked why they chose the color of their Glass, what they did with them, and many more.

I met some new friends. They wore Google Glass.

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