Glass at KFC, Wearable Skin Computers

This week I go solo as Luke is on vacation and I’m getting ready to head to NYC. I also test out the new recording computer method, which has a couple bugs to work out. Nonetheless, enjoy the episode for this week!

Wearable Today Episode #55 Show Notes

  • New Fitbit Models – Fitbit Charge, Charge HR and Fitbit Surge models announced
  • Android 4.4W.2 – Swipe down feature added to the Android Wear software
  • New Glass Partners – 5 partners for developing Glass for business were accepted into the camp
  • Lenovo SW-B100 – Lenovo fitness tracker seems to look a lot like the Fitbit tracker…
  • Apple Watch watch – Crowdfunding for the Watch DWISS launches an Indiegogo campaign for cases and straps
  • KFC Glass? YUM brands KFC tested Glass for training and procedure instructions to see if it would save money
  • Computers on Skin – Company MC10 is working on small computers that affix to your skin and send data wirelessly.

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