Google Ditches Glass, Microsoft Picks it Up

We’re back after a long winter break, CES, NAIAS and a birthday. Stefan Holodnick joins us for another episode as we say goodbye to Google Glass.

Episode #62 Show Notes

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  • Optinvent announced a new type of wearable at CES this year. It’s a pair of high quality headphones with a transparent display that can be folded out of the way when not needed. It contains all the standard Android hardware and should be able to run most apps without any issue. They say it looks less geeky than other heads up display devices, but that’s kinda like claiming your pig is the prettiest one at the fair.
  • CES exploded this year with their Eureka Park area. I walked around the halls trying to find some cool new tech, but the reality: its the same old-same old. “Hearable” is a word I heard (no pun intended). New devices that can take calls or just beep to let you know you have a message. Seimens has bumped up their hearing aid they brought out last year with Bluetooth capability. I even saw an exersize ball that had sensors to help you center yourself. Now, its going to be a race to make their sensors super-affordable. Below the $50 range.
  • Sony has created a stainless steel watch band for their popular Smart watch 3. This creates a more elegant look for the sports themed device.
  • Facial Recognition – it can link stores with customers, police with criminals and me remembering what your name is. But do we want to be called out every time we walk in a store? I know I would get annoyed if I walk in to a “Hello Jeffrey” greeting every time – because I know its fake. Worse yet, I have similar characteristics and therefore get tagged a criminal. And their doing it without your consent, which may be the biggest issue of them all.
  • Augmedics wants your Doctor to have Google Glass. A startup that has been around since 2012 raised over $16 million to get this program rolling. The idea is to have patient records at the ready without the doctor looking at a chart or log into a computer. It also cuts down on time when the doctor is entering or updating records.
  • If you are a fan of the Leatherman – guess what? They have a wearable, too! Its a band or watch band that sports screwdrivers, alan wrentches, bottle opener, strap cutter, sim card pick and more. The band is TSA compliant and ready for your need. This is available this spring for $150 Silver, $250 for BLC version.
  • Apple Watch Watch – Is rumored to be March
  • Fund-It –  AmpStrip is a heart rate wearable that sticks with you while training – Literally. The FitLinxx AmpStrip is a thin, waterproof wearable that tracks heart rate, exersize load, skin temperature, posture and more. And the footprint is small for Its no different than wearing a bandage. All information can be tracked via your smartphone or tablet so you can get to the next level.

In the main focus, we look at Google Glass and the announcement of the demise of GoogleX project. Does that mean Glass is dead? No. We talk why that is not the case. We also go into detail what we expect for the next version of Glass.

Meanwhile, Microsoft introduces HoloLens. Goggles that will give a holographic view of things. You will be able to watch movies, play games or design motorcycles from thin air. But how realistic is this idea?

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