Google Glass Addiction?

Weigh in on the new Wearable Today Logo

Weigh in on the new Wearable Today Logo

Luke sports his new Fedora, Jeff supports his new GoPro. The Big Android BBQ happened this weekend and Luke was part of that. We talk about the events of the last week and Jeff debuts the first draft of the new logo (seen to left).

WT Episode 54 Show Notes

  • XE22 for Glass – Update for Google Glass includes Notification Sync and Alternate routes
  • VR Speak – a $99 headset for iOS or Android phones in the 4.7 and 5.5 sizes
  • Puls – introduces a fashionable wearable and a new category in “Fashionology”
  • Customizing Android Wear – Starting with the Asus Zenwatch, Google will allow customization of software to match the hardware
  • Handset Wearable from the 90’s – Check out this wearable from the 80s and 90s to let you go hands free on your phone call!

Fund Me Wearable!

  • Illation Jackets – This Kickstarter project allows you to ride your bike or drive your car in warmth and comfort.


  • Google Glass Addiction? First person gets counseling for his need to wear Google Glass. He only takes it off to sleep or shower.
  • Notification Sync on Glass – Luke talks about how you can now get your Enterprise email through Glass.
  • New Android Wear Problems – When enabled, Glass warns users that is an Android Wear smartwatch is present, it will no longer mirror notifications

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