Google Glass is Dead… Again.

Luke brings on a special friend to the show. Its the ultimate wearable for anyone to have. Birdie!

During the show, Birdie ran around Luke’s shoulder and even bit off his headphone. Snipped right through the cable!

Nonetheless, we had a great show with lots of news and information for you

Wearable Today Episode 57 Show Notes

  • A wearable with no lights, no display. The Ditto from Simple Matters has no buttons, no switches. Its a vibrating dongle that allows you to get notified with what you need even if your phone is not in your pocket. The company is running a Kickstarter right now with 8 days left. For $29 you can get the device which can be put in a pocket or worn as a watch.
  • The Asus ZenWatch is now on Google Play store starting at $199. The square-faced ZenWatch comes with 512MB of RAM and 4GB storage capacity, and uses a cradle to dock instead of wireless charging. You can also get the ZenWatch at Best Buy
  • Dominos is getting into the wearable game (well, somewhat). If you own a Pebble Watch, you can now get the Dominos app which will let you know where your pizza is. Its not available for other devices just yet.
  • Mozilla is working in the VR world on its 10th anniversary. What’s called MozVR, you can start tailoring your websites for VR viewing. Mostly for the upcoming Oculus Rift device right now, but Mozilla is betting on a new type of web browsing. MozVR links to GitHub where you can download the code to get started on VHTML.
  • By now you might have seen the “Kid wears Dad’s Glass” photos. This brings us to another issue in wearables – the adjustable factor. In order for sensors to take heart rates and optics to be installed on glasses, you must first have something that will fit on your wrist or hold on your head. NPR takes a look at how these factors need to be looked at for optimal sales of devices.
  • Ben Yonnatan is losing his sight. As a dancer, that makes his job more difficult. Now, with Google Glass, he is able to regain some of his sight. He has a 4 degree field of view, which the optic falls into. This expanded his sight by 70%.
  • The Huawei TalkBand has launched in the US this week. The $129 device not only has standard activity & sleep tracking you might expect, but it can also act as a bluetooth headset. It disconnects from the band to be placed in your ear, and pairs with both iOS and Android. It boasts a 6 day charge when only used as an activity tracker, but only claims 7 hours of bluetooth headset usage. It is available now at,,, and Fry’s Electronics.
  • Google Glass has passed the 100 app mark, with a few new apps such as Captioning, Chords, Color, and Zombies, Run!

Featured Content

  • Should Wearables Be Free? There is something else you give away when you have a wearable device. Your data. Some wearables use this information to build databases and sell their expertise to others. Even publish information using what you gave them in your daily tracking routine. Frog Design’s CCO – Hans Neubert argues that wearables should be giving you the device for free since they could be making more money on the back end collecting data.
  • Google Glass is Dead… Again. Developers are leaving. Glass release dates are being pushed back yet again. Support for the device has been reduced. Even though Google still holds true to a release date, that date gets farther and farther away. Is Glass dead?

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