Google Glass Only $80?

Glass Teardown

Glass Teardown

Luke went kayaking, Jeff went to New York. It was a fun week at the show as we showed off our pictures throughglass. Luke also debuts his new printing endeavor at

Episode 40 Google Glass News

  • Glass XE17 – We look at the latest updates to Google Glass
  • Glass Light – a USB connector with software to give your Glass a flashlight
  • Rent Google Glass – For $32 a day you can rent out a pair of Glass
  • PGA Glass Retail Store – The PGA event at Sawgrass saw a retail Glass store pop up within the clubhouse. Is this the golfers next big ticket item? We talk on how it could be.
  • Google Wallet – A rumor that Google is working on a Wallet app so you can pay by saying “OK Glass”
  • $80 in Glass Parts – Another teardown, this time of Glass v.2 shows the device is only worth $152. Or is it?

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