Google Glass Reboot Project: What to Expect in v. 3.0

Back from an unscheduled break as Luke moved to a new house. We did a Periscope chat before the show to talk with people. Thanks to all who joined. Luke was on the local news for May 4th and his Endor Luke outfit (video). 

I show off the wearable of the week from SensoGlove. A golf glove We have a jam packed show this week with a lot of cool news!

Wearable Today Episode 71 Show Notes

  • All links and notes are here
  • Microsoft has brought OneDrive to the Apple Watch. The company has rolled out an update to the iOS app so you can view photos saved on OneDrive on your wrist. The Android version will be out shortly…
  • Our friends at IK Multimedia have come out with the UltraTuner – the iOS tuner for Apple Watch. By setting up your iPhone or iPad with the iRig connector, then pairing to the watch using the Watchkit extension app, you will be able to tune your guitar by just watching your wrist.
  • Need to carry important vital information with you? The Epic-ID USB band is one of the first Emergency bands brought to market. The USB flash drive is PC and Mac compatible and can carry important information like blood type, allergy alerts, medications you are on, and more. The band is waterproof and a stainless steel clasp connects the band together.
  • Add smell to your virtual reality experience. FeelReal is a device you attach to your Occulus Rift and allows to bring scent into the device. The device contains an odor generator, water mist valve, and microphone. The attachement gives you different “smellscapes” including fire, ocean, jungle, grass, flowers, metal and a mysterious powder scent cartridge.
  • Tag Heuer has announced that Android Wear device that we talked about a few weeks ago. Starting at $1,400, the device should launch around November.
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  • Who’s Ready for a wearable that can smell your farts? The CH4 is just that. It’s a device that doesn’t break down what type of gas comes out, just how many times you do it in a day. The average person farts 13 times a day. If you are doing more or less, you can take that information to your doctor.

Wearable Today Focus : What Google Glass v. 3.0 should have

Being longtime Google Glass users, Luke and I believe there needs to be some important changes to the brand. We still believe Google will use the Android Wear OS over Glass X. But here are some other important features they should not overlook.

  • Lower Price –  If Apple Watch is $399, then Glass 3.0 shouldn’t be $1,500. Even the Tag Heuer watch is less than that
  • Better Design – Detachable from glasses, adjustability, and focus options for some
  • Battery Options – While longer battery life is important, wireless charging would be a good addition. We talk a little about Kinetic charging and why detaching Glass from frames is important (so you can still see).
  • Security Features – Hotels, airlines, warehouses are ready to use these devices. Glass has to be ready for Enterprise apps and the security they need.
  • Better Graphic Interface – Glass needs to re-order cards and possibly turn the “OK Glass” into something more interactive.
  • Ambidexterous – A pair of Glass for the left eye, or a device that can switch sides.
  • Bigger Optics with Focus Options – There were times people who tried my Glass on had problems seeing the optics because they were far-sighted. A focus knob adjusts for those visual issues.

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  • Jonathan

    I’m hoping they can make Glass more comfortable and also somewhat less obtrusive than the Explorer models. It’s a challenge to get better battery life with a smaller-lighter battery. I often carried a small pocket charger with me that I could connect to Glass while still wearing them. • A universal adapter to allow Glass to be attached to virtually any standard pair of frames would be ideal. My current prescription glasses have NikonEyes lenses which I love but they are exclusive to certain frames and probably wouldn’t support custom Glass frames. • I agree that induction charging would be better and I also was annoyed by the way the ear-bud connected because I didn’t always keep it connected but if I answered a call through Glass I’d often have to tell the person to hold a moment while I remove Glass plug in the ear-bud and then put Glass back on. Very cumbersome and inept design flaw. • Along with that, having the charging port blocked by the ear-bud meant if I were on a call and my Glass battery started getting low I couldn’t charge it while on the call.. (face-palm). For me personally, there is still a market for Glass. I just can’t bare to wear the current version very long primarily due to comfort issues.