Google I/O and the Direction of Wearables

Luke with Shaq

Luke with Shaq

Last week Luke went out to San Francisco and Google I/O. He is back to talk about Android TV, the new wearable initiative, and more. He got to debut the Travel channel app for Android TV while at I/O. He then played a round of one-on-one with Shaq.

I was in Detroit learning about the new 2015 Ford Edge. I got to meet the new CEO Mark Fields as he tried out Google Glass. I did a tour around the F-150 facility and met David Kwong, who was bumming around with Jesse Eisenberg.

TWIGG Episode #44 Show Notes:

  • Glass v3 – An updated hardware of Google Glass gives some 2 GB of RAM
  • Glass or Android Wear? Some are concerned Google will be shifting gears on wearable technology.  If that’s so, why did the UK just get it?
  • Banned in UK Theaters – If movie theaters knew how hard it was to stay still and record a movie, this wouldn’t be an issue (not to mention battery life issues)

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