Google I/O: What is Project Soli and Jacquard?

Back from a 3 week recess and we have a ton of news this week. Our friends at GoggleTech sent both Luke and I a pair of C1-Glass, a step above Google Cardboard.  We show you how they work and give our thoughts.

Luke was at Google I/O, so he gives us an update on the event. Of course, we had the Memorial holiday in there and I was in Vegas for HP Discover.

We also introduce a new segment, called “On the Medical Front” highlighting wearable tech in health-care.

Wearable Today Episode #73 Show Notes

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  • What are the 5 hottest wearables right now? Cheatsheet has a list of them, and they include wareables from Garmin, Fitbit, Xiaomi, and more. Check out what your friends are wearing.
  • The Taiwan Expo saw a ton of wearables last week. Smartphones with larger camera sensors, rings that connect husband and wife, and multiple companies with their own version of smart glasses. And Build-your-own-Cloud services to manage your devices.
  • What is Disney Playmation? It’s for those who want to change the playground landscape. By using wearables, you will be able to walk as a Jedi or attack Ultron as Iron Man. A virtual reality that gets children (and let’s face it, adult geeks like myself) out and active.
  • Two weeks ago, my back went out. It seems to happen every year now. As I get older, new problems will start to emerge. But what if wearables can improve chronic pain? A new device called the “Active Edge” claims to improve the endurance, flexibility and sleep patterns for a regenerative body. But are they just those Ion Band bracelets that claim stability in a new form?
  • Only 6 weeks after Apple watch Came out, and they’re getting ready for the next one. Of course, WWDC showed off some of the new features in OSX, iOS and even Watch OS. Apple tweaked the SDK to bring more options to your watch. Music through speakers, improved biometrics, and more. Most important: third-party apps can run natively to take data directly from the sensors in close-to-real-time
  • Do you want better sex? Maybe Lovely will help! This is a device you put on your male member to get tips and have better sex. Lovely monitors body movements and sends data to the app. You can find out top speeds, calories burned, and can even help keep you going without little blue pills.
  • Project Soli aims to provide a whole new interface for digital devices. Not using touch, but using motion tracking. Previously the hardware has been much too large, appearing only in dedicated devices like Microsoft’s Kinect or the Leap Motion. The ATAP group at Google has been working for the last year to shrink the hardware, and now has it down to about the size of a grain of rice. They demonstrated some early versions of the technology at Google I/O, and it looks like it could revolutionize how we use wearable devices and maybe even smartphones. There’s no immediate plans for it to launch in any product, but it’s something that we’ll be keeping an eye on.
  • Another wearable technology introduced by ATAP at Google I/O was Project Jacquard. Through newly-invented techniques, wires are embedded in cloth as it is being fabricated, and these wires can then be turned into a trackpad of sorts. The goal is not to replace other interactions with your devices, but augment them in ways that make sense. Providing a quick way to call someone, or start a voice search. Still in early prototypes, ATAP has announced a partnership with Levi Strauss, so look for jeans with a touchpad built in sometime soon.

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