Health Concerns of Wearing Wearable Technology

Luke survived the move. Birdie was late to the game. But Luke had a cool new toy to show off with the LG Watch Urbane. He does an unboxing, then compares it to the Moto360.

I got a new computer in which we’re streaming from. The video does look better (I still wished I had more than 4 MB upload, though). Still, we got through a great show.

Wearable Today Episode #72 Show Notes

  • Check out for some great wearables
  • Show Notes are here
  • Google Glass shut down their Explorer support pages. The homepage now just says “Thanks for Exploring with us. The Journey doesn’t end here”. Links to social networks and information on “Glass at Work” are all that is left.
  • FitBit files for $100 million dollar IPO. Reporting a profit of $131.8 million in 2014, they plan to get more aggressive after the launch of Apple Watch. Fitbit’s biggest advantage over the watches is the cross-platform options. It also gives people who don’t own the latest or most powerful smartphones the ability to still track their information.
  • Meet Larry Smarr. This professor at the University of California – San Diego is currently the most tracked man in wearables. He keeps track of over 150 parameters on his body. He has also been doing it for 15 years.
  • White shirts that can’t stain? Even if you pour hot coffee on them? That is what Elizabeth & Clark make in their “Liz Lemon” line. The group has a Kickstarter and with 9 days left to go, the shirt has gone beyond expectations.
  • Last year, Fitbit devices were recalled due to a metallurgical rash the device caused. As we start putting new wearables on our skin and bodies, what can we do to keep safe from electrical surges and cheap materials

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