How Google Glass is Changing the Sporting Event

Glass Miami

Glass Miami

This week we try a new segment – hopefully one that will be fun and entertaining. Glass Miami is a spin-off from the popular CSI Miami and Horatio Caine. While it might be a little dated, he didn’t have Google Glass back then. We take a crack at what Caine would have said if he was dawning the Google Glass.

Also a big thank you to all who asked questions during the show. It made for a lively discussion!

TWIGG Episode 32 Show Notes

  • Glass Safer Than Smartphone – Research showing that Google Glass may be less distracting than a smartphone.
  • Glass Attack – The more information we get from this event, the more Luke and I wonder if this could have been prevented.
  • Where’s XE14 – We talk about Glass’ update to Kit Kat and why it’s taking so long
  • Sporting Events Could Change – Washington Capitols and the Verizon center are working with a Glass developer (APX Labs) to help you keep in touch with the game. Sometimes you have to leave your seat, so this app will keep you in the game with replays and stats. It is no different when I went to games and some would bring in portable TVs to get the commentary and stats. 

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