Impact of Wearable Body Cameras on Police

Wearable Today Ep #60 Show Notes

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  • Athos has created wearable tech for better measuring your workout. The $199 Core device pairs with shirts or pants that monitor your muscles with smart fibers embedded in the fabric. You select the desired type of workout, and then are coached through your workout and given feedback based on your performance. Athos plans to launch all the smart clothing in early 2015.
  • Most fitness tracking devices are watches. What if it was a set of earphones? That is what FreeWavz is working on – a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that also track your biometrics. Set as an “Over the ear” earbud, the sensors utilize the ear’s anatomy to monitor your vitals.
  • Glass goes to Space? ‘Glass at Work’ is working with Kentucky Space LLC to get a pair into space. They will be launching one in the SpaceX vehicle on December 16th to determine if the optical device can be a competent flight tool. Glass will not be used for any other experiments during this mission.
  • While I was in Barcelona, I talked with Dave and Cliff about HP’s new DCA or Digital Context Aware division. They have software that can keep your wearables connected and even know when a wearable is powered off. They can send directions, instructions, call people on their approved directories and more. Perfect for a repair person, home care person or more.

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  • TZOA is an enviro tracker – a wearable that measures air pollution and UV exposure. This little device connects with the surroundings and creates an air quality map on your phone or tablet. It can help you determine if you had too much UV exposure, if your bedroom has enough light control so you can sleep and more. The Kickstarter is close to ending and not reached its $110,000 goal.

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  • Could Apple Watch go after the luxury market? With true luxury watches costing $75,000 or more, even the $5k Gold Apple Watch may not be enough for high net worth individuals.

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  • While the issues in Feguson continue, many have called for a increase in wearable body cameras for police officers. Last week I asked Jamie Davis if this should also include EMT’s, in which you can watch Jamie’s response on last weeks show.
    It wasn’t more than 10 years ago that people were resisting the “Always On” environment we live in. Cameras watching our every move. Even with the introduction of Google Glass people were nervous on how we were being watched and recorded.
    Now, people are demanding we increase the amount of cameras for a more accurate account of what happened. Add to that the issues in New York where video was a major part in the case through a cell phone, but many still didn’t believe justice was served.
    Can adding body cameras to police help with crime or just cause a 3rd wheel in the justice process? What about with non-public official video?

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