Is Google Glass Doomed?

Lots o Glass

Lots o Glass

Back from CES and New York, we start Season 2 of TWIGG. I got to see a lot of wearable technology at CES and also the Downtown Las Vegas project. Luke was in New York and got to experience Times Square for the first time.

Now we are back and have to tackle the big question: Is Google Glass doomed?

This is a longer episode since we had a lengthy break. Sit back and enjoy!

TWIGG Episode 27 Show Notes

  • Validation still pending: AMC Movie-goer detained – This story is about a Glass user who went to see Jack Ryan and got detained by “Mall cops”. There are too many hole in this story and no one has validated this story, therefore, we leave the decision if this is true up to you.
  • Glass Ticket Dismissed – Remember, she was driving 30 MPH over the speed limit. Nonetheless, the judge threw the case out. No word on if she had to pay a fine for speeding…
  • 2015 Hyundai with Glass – Luke reports the 2015 Genesis will have Glass support
  • Glass Branding Guidelines – If you are going to write an app for Glass, you must first follow these guidelines
  • Get Prescription Lenses – Wetley Prescriptions has attachable lenses starting at $99
  • Drive Safe App – Tells if you are starting to fall asleep behind the wheel
  • Film My Shag – App will not only film, but give you tips in bed
  • Is Glass Doomed? – Scoble talked about how Glass needs to get to $300 price point. We talk about that, and other wearable technology that could overcome Glass. Its all about prices — if an iWatch is $400, then Glass needs to match or beat that price point.

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