Is Google Glass Getting Into Optometry?

3D printed base for Glass

3D printed base for Glass

Another great show in the books. Luke is back with his pair of frames and team cotton. We talk about the process it takes to put lenses into Glass, and Luke shows a little trick he does to keep irritation down.

I came back from Las Vegas where I got some great video, including letting the barber from Bolt barbers shave my head while he wore my Google Glass. Not to try and top it, but over the weekend, my friend Alex invited me to the gun range to shoot his new Smith and Wesson. Of course, I broke out the clear shades to record the event. Video of shooting guns.

Finally, we answered some questions from the audience as we do the show live via Google Hangouts Mondays at 9 PM EST.

TWIGG Episode 31 Notes:

  • Luke answers an email question. A resource he mentioned is this Unispeech program (Github)
  • Remote Control – a proof of concept is being shown at Mobile World Congress this week. Could Glass become your remote control?
  • Law Enforcement Patent – Google has filed a patent which will send information to law enforcement if mob sourced events are detected.
  • Glass Base 3D Printed – Ryan Matthews made an innovative Glass desktop charging base which also holds smartphone, cords and more.
  • Eye Doctor Sells Glass – Pennsylvania gets the first eye doctor that has been sanctioned to sell Google Glass for those who want to get prescription versions.

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