Jeff Gets His Google Glass – The Google Customer Experience


This week we’re recording a couple days later as I traveled to Los Angeles to pick up my Google Glass. It was a 30-hour turnaround trip and I have to say, I think I am done with turnaround trips.

Nonetheless, I discuss my experience going out there, getting fitted and coming back. While Google says they want to show off a new level of customer support, I have to say I didn’t see it. It was no different than if I went to an eye doctor and got fitted for a regular pair of glasses. Then I was shuttled out the door to go “Explore” Venice Beach.

Luke, on the other hand, got some Glass Swag in the mail. Maybe the experience is the continued support?

Help Another Get their Google Glass

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Once we cover show costs, we will begin taking submissions for those who need glass. You can submit your entry here. We will donate funds to the person with the best story so you can purchase your Glass.

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  • baracuda

    I am a new Glass user, still learning…but wearing it out in public for the first time was awkward for myself…I was fearing the “are you recording me” questions, though I was never confronted… I really don’t want to be typecast as “a Glasshole” (I am embracing the name to mean any Glass user, though-kind of like Obama accepting the “Obamacare” moniker).Now to figure how to get the FB app to work…