Kathi Browne Talks Google Glass in Healthcare


Kathi Browne

This week we have a special guest as Kathi Browne joins the group to talk about Glass in healthcare. Luke and I bring up multiple questions to see how Doctors, EMTs and patients are responding to Glass. We also talk HIPPA laws, Glass in the surgical arena, vision, dental and even Glass for the morgue.

This was a live Q&A Hangout, so we fielded questions from the audience.

Some Takeaways from Glass in Healthcare

  • Great communication tool for first-responders because doctors know better whats going on
  • Emergency rooms could become quieter if a nurse can get emergency information through Glass
  • Kathi noticed that Doctors seem more receptive to Glass over looking at an iPad or computer screen
  • Apps are being written to help those who are put in an emergency situation
  • Glass is being reviewed for elderly health care – especially those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Thanks again to Kathi for helping us understand the medical side of Glass.

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