A Man with Google Glass Walks Into a Restaurant…

Glass Stereo Earbuds

Glass Stereo Earbuds

This week I was able to get back to recording the show the usual way – adding Skype into the mix. Two problems came up as the video for Luke pixelated and I had a errant scene that didn’t record audio. Luckily, I stopped using that scene by the third article, but there are some dead spots while we talked about the stereo earbud. Apologies for that.

It was otherwise a great show as Luke and I talked about what happened in Seattle and all about Google Music on Glass.

This Week in Google Glass Ep 25 Show Notes

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  • Maarten Brugman

    I try to find the explorer forum mentioned above, but I fail to find it. could you please provide a link to it? I just got my Google Glass and i am anxious not to brick it right away with the updates.