Minnesota Vikings and Agriculture Experts Using Google Glass

This week: Luke went to another conference and took pictures #throughglass. Jeff talks about his time with the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet and shows what it looks like when you connect your Glass to it.

We also try a new feature of Google Hangouts called the “Showcase”. If you watch via YouTube, choose to link to Showcase and the article links will show up when we talk about them.

TWIGG Episode 47 Show Notes

Featured Articles

  • Minnesota Viking are utilizing Google Glass during practice camps. We talk about how this can help players, coaches, and more. Not only football, but other sports as well.
  • Craig Ganssle of Basecamp Networks is building a Glass app for Agriculture. Not only to monitor a farmer’s crop, but share the data with people all around the world. Whoops there goes another rubber tree plant!

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