Mugged for Google Glass

Luke and Jeff

Luke and Jeff

After the show, I found out I was not accepted for I/O as press although Luke got his invite and will be going.

This week, Luke and I delve into the news and information of the week. There is a lot of great content about whats coming up with Google I/O.

I show you my contribution to the newest Glass video that came out Monday. We also do another installment of “Glass Miami”.

TWIGG Ep 37 Show Notes

  • Glass XE16 Announced – Glass is updating to Kit Kat later this week. They are adding a bunch, but getting rid of video calls which is concerning the community.
  • Glass Saves Life – The folks at Beth Isreal Deconess are using Google Glass in daily practice and it already saved one person from getting the wrong medication!
  • Livestream for Glass – Three Glass applications were announced at NAB. One of them was Livestream for Glass. I talk about how it works since I was at the show.
  • Glass Open to All on April 15 – We are not sure if this is a ploy to release remaining inventory or get your tax refunds. Anyone will be able to buy Glass on April 15th. We still suggest you wait.
  • Mugged for Glass – A story about a San Francisco reporter who got mugged for his Glass.

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