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Luke Wallace and Larry the Glass Guy

Luke Wallace and Larry the Glass Guy

I am in Las Vegas for Tech Cocktail, and Luke pressured me into doing an episode. Therefore, I set down the yard margarita and stepped away from my table to do a show.

Seriously, I am here to talk with startups and learn about the Downtown Project Las Vegas. Lots of great video will come out of this week.

Luke got his frames back. He talks about the next steps in getting prescription lenses put in. We also talk in depth about the price of prescription glass.

TWIGG Episode 30 Notes:

  • Airline Concierge – Virgin America is using Glass and Sony 2 watches to help people find their ways around the airport
  • NYPDG – The New York Police Department is experimenting with Google Glass.
  • 17 Voice Triggers – Luke explains the voice triggers you can use in developing your Glass app
  • Senator Al Franken Glass – Sen Al Franken is concerned about a new Glass app – Nametag
  • Nametag Reply – A full response from Nametag

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