Paying Through Google Glass

5th pair of Glass Unveil

5th pair of Glass Unveil

This week, Luke heads down to the Texas State Fair where he eats his weight in deep fried food and butter. I get my 5th pair of Google Glass, but this time its in a different box and it came from Louisville KY…

This Week in Google Glass Ep. 19

  • Pay Through Glass – Intuit has created a way to pay through your Google Glass. It’s a good proof of concept. Luke and I talk over the good and bad points of this idea.
  • Google Gestures – a Patent came up last week that made people wonder if Google Glass is going to get gesture support. We believe it could happen.
  • Glass Successor – Mary Lou Jespin says she’s sleeping 3 hours a night to get the next version of Google Glass out. We talk about what that means to current Glass owners.

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