Your Pet Wants a Fitbit

batmanthis week, we look at how pets are getting weartech accounts on Fitbit to hit those 10,000 step goals. Of course there are some real value wearables out there which Luke and I discuss. From GPS trackers to devices that might help you understand what your dog is trying to say.

It’s also October, so Luke and I are dawning some cool costumes for the month. This week, Luke wears his Skywalker Endor outfit, and I go as a bald Batman.

Wearable Today Episdoe #86 Show Notes

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  • Can wearables remove the feeling of loneliness? That was the goal of one team at TechCrunch Disrupt, who created a wearable app that connects two users anonymously, who can then connect with text and emoji. It’s only a proof of concept right now, but the designers want users to feel a strong bond between strangers, even if they will never know who the other person is.
  • Besides connecting with strangers, wearables also can help you connect with yourself. The Next Web profiles 5 pieces of weartech that can help track breathing, heart rate, posture, and even your yoga workout? They walk through the pros and cons of each, and outline pricing, but who can really put a price on your inner peace?
  • Was Weartech just that before Weartech existed? We look at 5 pieces of weartech that existed before it was a thing. From the Ruputer to the Walkman, Calculator Watches, Bluetooth headsets, and even a 3D display that never took off, you can read about the technology that led to our modern weartech.
  • Next Up, an opinion piece on from Lauren Goode, Senior Editor from The Verge. She outlines why weartech is just getting started. Early devices like Fitbit are leading to more sophisticated data monitoring devices, and user interactions are getting easier through voice commands. As these technologies advance, weartech will be smaller, more common, and easier to use. recode shares a video interview with Goode where she discusses more of the barriers to wider adoption, and where the devices can improve.
  • Back in May we said that TAG Heuer was working on a $1400 Android Wear device, and now it looks like it’s coming! TAG Heuer has put up a teaser page, with a countdown to November 9th, when the TAG Heuer Connected will be announced. Will the original price hold true, and will there be anything different to make this device more tempting than all the other Android Wear devices.
  • New Rumors have come out about the Apple Watch v.2. Luke and I go over the good and the bad. Will the watch get a camera? What about 3D touch? What is this handshake data transfer thing?

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