Predictions on the Future of Wearables

Luke continued to have some technical problems with his webcam. He even switched to the Windows machine with no luck. Of course, we work through the show like always.

I show off a new device that I got over the weekend. Luke talks about his speaking gig as well – at least when he can. We also say hi to Fernando who is watching the live stream.

Wearable Today Episode #68 Show Notes

  • Link to full show notes are here
  • Xiaomi is looking to launch its first smartwatch tomorrow. The Singapore based company was having a converstation in the on-line forum when he hinted to the new wearable and an event on March 31st. Xiaomi currently sells the Mi Band wearable.
  • Shoes that change patterns? Yes, Please! The Volvorii Timeless shoes use E-Ink to change whats on the shoe. You control the patterns with your smartphone. The shoes are in an Indiegogo fund raise and start at $249
  • Check out the Wearable Drum Machine. A coat with several pad sensors which allows for different sounds. from drum sounds to making music – just tap your belly. The coat was developed by Ylenia Gortana and musician Birdmask. This is a concept idea.
  • Apple Watch Watch
  • Walk in and buy an Apple Watch? No way. Wait for a time to try it on, try a couple on, and then buy accessories.
  • We also look at how you can’t try on the exact combination of watch you want.
  • Finally, there are a lot of apps getting ready for your new Apple Watch. From tracker apps to games and more. We look at a few apps you might be using on your watch.
  • Fund Me
  • The Pebble TimeDock is a stylish recharging stand for your Pebble watch. This Kickstarter project gives you a wireless stand for your Pebble that can also display the charge status and the time.
  • Smartstones aim to reinvent the way we communicate, using non-verbal cues to interact with the people we care about most. You can tap or swipe across the stone, and these actions will be translated and sent to other smartstones or smart phones.
  • Focus – Predictions on the Future of Wearables
    Five Predictions for the future of Wearables include
    1. Data Facilitated Care
    2. Personalized Wearables
    3. Active Coaching
    4. Gesture Based Interfacing
    5. Authenticated You

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