Prescription Google Glass Leaked



This week I talked about my trip to Ford and the video of me riding in a Model T. I also talk about my Nexus and how I bought a USB to headphones adaptor, but it really didn’t work in my pair of Glass. Luke talked about his swag he got from Google I/O. He was the 1278th pair! It doesn’t matter that much because we both got our emails to trade in for the newer model. Only problem is: I’ll be at CES when it happens…Luke also answered a letter he received about Glass development.

This Week in Google Glass Ep 26 Show Notes

  • Austin Glass – Folks in Austin got to try on Google Glass
  • Remotte Shuts Kickstarter – The company was concerned that Glass wasn’t ready and the market is too small at this time
  • Prescription Google Glass – The photos of possible Google Glass frames are out and they don’t look too bad!
  • Swap Your Frames – Instructions on how to remove the Google Glass frame for Glasses
  • Glass Duck Hunt – Beta Glass game out there that allows you to shoot skeet with “OK Glass – Go Hunting”

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