What is Project Aura – Is It Google Glass 3.0?

Last week Luke went to Our Kansas… wait… Arkansas. I had some internal weartech issues as I slipped a disc. I guess my spine has not converted to MP3’s yet.

Wearable Today Episode #84

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  • Pebble has gone circular! The Pebble blog showed off their new line of smart watches last week and stated they are the “lightest and thinnest smartwatches they have made as of yet.” The Pebble Time Round is only 7.5mm thick and weighs 28 grams, coming in multiple designs. The new watch will be available soon at $249.00 with a $50 discount if ordered before November 8th
  • Want to know what 93% of companies are doing with weartech? Apx-lbs.com put together a whitepaper outlining how wearables are being put to work. From getting work done faster to solving problems easier, the paper goes over all types of wearables.
  • Did weartech help the Golden State Warriors win a title? That is what Andre Iguodala stated at TechCrunch Disrupt last week. He talked about how collecting data can build a great product. He even said “Too much information could be bad, but just the right amount could help us go a long way.”
  • Mobility company “Action” was on ABC’s Shark Tank last Friday showing off their electronic skates. The company’s product allows you to go up to 10 miles on a charge, which is perfect for zipping around a campus or a few blocks to work. While the company did not get funded by the investors, they did get some great praise by the Sharks.
  • Vector Luna and Meridian smartwatches became available on Friday in the UK. They come in round or square face designs and have a 30 day battery life. Designed by former Timex CEO Joe Santana, and former Nike design chief Steve Jarvis. Prices start at £219.
  • If you’re “All about that Bass, ’bout that Bass”, then the BassAware Drop is for you. It’s a new audio device that uses vibration to create a body-bass experience. The device wears like a vest and connects to your device to put a bump into your body. The device has a 15 watt RMS tactile transducer and Bass vibration amplifier. It’s a pass-through device, so you plug your headphones into the vest to listen to the music. It also has a 2600 mAh 12V li-ion battery pack for 12-20 hours of vibration.
  • We got a full review of the Watch OS2, which became available last week. New features include new watchfaces, 3rd party “Complications” which is a widget system that an app can use for pop ups, more functionality to the crown and more functionality for the apps.
  • Google is working on a new weartech called “Project Aura” using experts from Amazon’s Lab126. The project started in June and might be focusing on a Google Glass successor. Aura seems to be a Google company, instead of moving to Alphabet. CEO Tony Fadell will oversee this project.

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