Should Referees, Police Officers Have Google Glass?

This Week in Google Glass Ep 12

This Week in Google Glass Ep 12

Well, my THIRD pair of Google Glass arrived today. I was happy to have the glass back, but also wondering what will happen to make this pair stop working. Luke is going to put together a pool so you can sign up on the time and day my Glass stops.

I also show you quickly how to use an Android device to show the screens of Glass to friends.

This week on TWIGG:

  • 3rd Pair of Glass – I go through the unboxing of the RMA pair of Glass
  • First Month – Jason Cipriani talks about his experience getting and wearing glass
  • Pay-Per-Gaze – Google patents Pay-per-gaze even though they are not allowing ads on Glass
  • Referees with Glass? – Should NBA refs get a special pair of Glass with instant replay options?
  • Cops with Glass – A Glass app for police is being worked on giving officers another way to communicate, serve and protect.

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