Sarah Hill on Glass with Veterans United, Freelance Journalist

Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill

New Google Glass

Before we interviewed Sarah, we spent 10 minutes talking about the news that Google is allowing you to trade in your Glass for the upgrade, which will may include a faster processor, better battery, support for prescription glasses and a mono earbud. We talk about what it would take to upgrade Glass to the new version and if we would want to let go of our 1st generation Google Glass. To learn more, check out the post

Interview with Sarah Hill of Veterans United

This week we had Sarah Hill on the show to talk about her experiences with Google Glass. Sarah was one of the first TV reporters to use Google Hangouts on the show. Since then she became the brand journalist for Veterans United. Her quest is to get Veterans to meet up with others and even have people go to memorials to represent the veteran.

During the show, Sarah talked about her latest thoughts on what she calls See-Commerce. She also talked about the Virual Photo Walk tours where citizens interact to help others visit memorials they might not be able to get to.

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