Shel Israel Talks Lethal Generocity

Lethal Generocity

Lethal Generocity

This week we have a special interview with Shel Israel, author of “Age of Context” (with Robert Scoble) and now his new book “Lethal Generosity” is available. We discuss how this a continuation of this first book, Uberization, the location beacons and a lot more.

Wearable Today Episode #85 – I did it all for the Wookie

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    Doing it all for the Wookie

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  • Google has filed a new patent that some are thinking is for the next version of Google Glass, or Project Aura. The patent is for a holographic display that provides an augmented reality interface, so it should cover a much wider field of view.
  • Flexible displays have been one of the Holy Grail of wearable technology, and now the Wove band is looking around the bend to debut next year. reports this as a new flexible e-Ink display, which wraps around your wrist. Best part, it should cost less than the Apple Watch.
  • Tracking your carbon footprint is important to a lot of people, but how do you track your personal usage when so many of the devices we use are shared? The University of Washington has developed a technology called MagnifiSense, which uses electro-magnetic sensors to detect what kinds of technology you interact with. Since the technology detects devices directly, there’s no pairing or setup required, and you don’t have to buy anything new. Right now the technology is fairly large, but they hope to shrink it small enough to be embedded inside a watch or watch band, or perhaps even within a phone.
  • We’ve mentioned ways on how to power devices that only need tiny amounts of energy. Drayson Tech is launching a new Freevolt technology that aims to harvest unused RF signals that freely travel in the air throughout the day. Their first product will be an air sensor called the “CleanTag”. Developer Kits are available for people would like to incorporate the technology into their own LE-IoT devices.
  • If you are susceptible to ulcers, Leaf Healthcare is working on a wearable for you. A small clip-on for patients in hospital beds. It monitors the movement and alerts if a pressure ulcer could be forming.
  • For those who still don’t trust Apple Maps, big news on the watch front as Google Maps is now available on Apple Watch. It provides turn by turn directions over the watch face. No word on if there is a graphical representation in future releases.
  • Shel Israel Interview

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