Star Wearables: The Weartech of Star Wars

Back from London for a new episode! Luke was at the Theater all week acting as Luke Skywalker. Of course, no spoilers on this special Star Wars edition of Wearable Today.

Wearable Today Episode #91 Show Notes:

  • The Pebble Time brand of smartwatches are getting a native Health app built by Pebble itself. Previously limited to 3rd party apps, now you can track your steps and sleep with an app that integrates into the Pebble timeline. This will make the health stats much more visible, and Pebble Health will automatically sets goals and give you tips for a more active lifestyle. The functionality will be coming to the Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Time Round devices in the next firmware update.
  • The HTC Vive is one of the most anticipated 3D Heads-up gaming devices in recent months. They’ve made some huge breakthroughs as Engadget reports on a developer forum where the manufacturer is very pleased with recent work. Recently, HTC announced that they would be pushing back the launch date to April of next year, using the extra 6 months to provide a much better product. Early reports have already given the technology high praise, and this new breakthrough should make the device more stable for consumer use.
  • Do you remember Magic Leap? The company got a $542 million investment last year from Google, Qualcomm, and others, then went dormant. Now they’re back, raising another $827 million to continue their research and product development. The videos shown so far for the weartech could have competitors scrambling. However, they first have to actually release a product. No timeline updates for release have been given. You can read more over at
  • 2015 has been a breakout year for wearables, with smart watches and fitness trackers becoming almost common place, and constant new announcements in the field of VR and AR. Forbes has put together it’s list of the biggest wearable news stories of the year, and it might surprise you to learn that most of the items are things that didn’t go so well. They mention lackluster performance from Apple, Google, and Samsung, while Fitbit stays the course. Will all these companies make big strides next year, or will one rise to lead the pack?
  • CastAR sends refunds to most backers who didn’t receive their units. The company raised over a million dollars in 2013 for the headset. Not only are those who didn’t receive a headset getting refunded, the company will supply them with a headset when they are officially ready in 2017.
  • Omate is another smart watch running Android and it will include the 3G radio along with the complete Android 5.1 OS – not just Android Wear. This makes the watch usable without connection to a phone.
  • I show off the Scottevest SEV 8.0 fleece jacket I used while in London. This is a 19 pocket jacket with RFID protective pocket to keep hackers from getting your information.
  • The Star Wearables

  • Want C-3PO Parts – the Dented Helmet
  • Lobot’s Headset
  • Stormtrooper How-to’s
  • Z-6 Jetpack
  • All things Good-guys
  • Full size BB-8
  • Bad Guys
  • Luke’s C3P0 Build


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