Stefan Holodnick on Ariadne: Google Glass Location App

We start the show on a slightly somber note and take it off-topic for a second, paying tribute to Robin Williams. An amazing entertainer, I grew up with his comedy and movies. From Mork and Mindy, Popeye, World According to Garp, to Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting and more.

At Disneyland Hotel

At Disneyland Hotel

Last week we both took excursions – Luke went to a local waterpark where he rode the slides. No Glass photos there because of the water. I was in Anaheim, CA for a tech conference getting video. I didn’t go in the park this time but I did some photos of the hotel and conference.

Stefan Holodnick

This week we talked with Stefan Holodnick of Daily Invention, a newer Glass explorer and developer of an app called Ariadne – a location based app for Glass. Ariadne is a Greek reference: she was the daugter of Minos and known as the keeper of mazes and labyrinths.

The idea of the app is to mark locations such as where you parked your car or maybe the location of your hotel. The app is uncompiled and can be found on Github.

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