Is the Tamagotchi from Bandai Considered a Wearable?

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We discuss the holiday schedule as our expectation for wearable news will start to dwindle a bit. Of course, we are expecting CES to explode with tons of news in the arena.

Wearable Today Ep #58 Show Notes

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    • Intel has unveiled their latest wearable, a $495 smart band aimed at women. Developed with fashion brand Opening Ceremony, the snakeskin bracelet is called My Intelligent Communication Accessory, or MICA. It displays text messages, calendar items and events from Google and Facebook, and recommendations of nearby restaurants and stores from Yelp. The feminine communications accessory will be available by early December in the United States and will retail exclusively at Opening Ceremony New York and Los Angeles, select Barneys New York locations, and online at and
    • A Kickstarter campaign for a set up adapters for the Moto 360. The SteelConnect M allows you to use any 22mm watch strap by replacing the existing watch strap with a set of stainless steel adapters, and the M Hook gives you a loop to attach a pocket watch chain. The kickstarter has already surpased it’s initial goal, so head on over to kickstarter to preorder yours now. The adapters should ship early next year.
    • So you got that new smartwatch and the first thing you tried to do is make it look like one of those fancy watches? Well watch makers Omega, Panerai, Swatch and Tissot are working on take down notices to anyone posting a watch face that looks similar to their faces. Engadget reports that watch face hosts like FacePro are complying with the requests, so faces like the one on Patek Phillip’s Grandmaster Chime may only be available if you buy an actual watch for $2.6 million.
    • Google Basecamps are closing across the US. The original places to buy Google Glass, the basecamps were deemed un-needed since people can purchase Glass via the Internet. Some are still saying this is the rampdown of the Glass project because interest has fallen. For now, if you want Google Glass, you will have to order them online. To see pictures of the London Basecamp.
    • Wounded in Afghanistan, Captain Derek Herrera lost functionality in his legs. When he recieved his bronze star, he stood and walked to it. How? ReWalk Exoskeleton. This is an FDA approved $70,000 wearable robotic device that powers Herrera’s hip and knee motion, and allows him to walk completely unaided. Herrera is the first American to own such a device.
    • San Francisco launched an International summit for urban wearables. “IoT for Cities Summit and Challenge” will challenge developers to make apps ultimately making urban life more manageable. Teams will have two months to develop working prototypes, with the best prototypes will work with Wearable World for 15 more weeks. The summit takes place March 10-11, 2015.

Featured Subjects

  • Apple relased the WatchKit SDK so developers could start building extensions to their apps to work on the Apple Watch. Screen Size details: 312 x 390 for the large, 272 x 340 for the smaller glances are like iOS Widgets for the Apple Watch – non-interactive, but they launch the app on the watch. Notifications have a Short Look and Long Look mode. Short look shows when you hold your watch up, Long look shows if you keep looking at it (or tap on it). The idea is that less detail will show at a glance, but if you keep looking, it will show you some more info.
  • Back in 1996, Bandai put out a little device called “Tamogatchi”. A device that you had to feed, pet, and pay attention to or else it would die. Now, some people say this was one of the first wearable tech devices. Is it considered a wearable?
  • We take a look at 13 of the weirdest wearable devices out there. What would you own?


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